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deceived by the sun

Paris. 28.8.14 (by Leila Peterson)


interviewer: Why r u such a hoe
Me: Because it’s so much fun, Jan!

(via 17yr)


by Argijale

how the fuck this is marble! a cold cold hard stone, right?

thru Aug 10:Tara Donovan Pace Gallery, 534 W25th St., NYCPresents two new large-scale sculptures comprised from index cards and acrylic rods, respectively. With these works, the artist continues to explore the phenomenological effect of work created through the accumulation of identical objects. Untitled (index cards), the first such work created by Donovan, is a 13’ x 25’ x 30’ sculpture in eight parts comprised of several million 3x5” white cards stacked and glued into scores of interweaving columnar forms combining to reach a summit on each element. Also featured is a newly completed untitled sculpture made with thousands of acrylic rods. Donovan spends months or even years searching for a method of assembly that allows the simple and immutable characteristics of the chosen material to generate complex, emergent phenomena which keep the viewer cycling between perception of the parts and the whole between the forms themselves and the light that surrounds and divides them. The work draws on both Minimalist and formalist histories, while creating a radically new form which embraces complexity and iterative processing.

Truth to Materials Book - Page 3
Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, Colorado Plateau, Arizona
Photo: Alex Mackie

Still from Forrest Gump (1994)